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*Please keep continuously checking the Belleville Public Schools main district page during this time off. There, you will find all updated letters and messages from the superintendent, as well as information about family “grab-and-go” meals.

Helpful Distance Learning Websites and Videos 

Below are links to some links to videos and websites that are used in class often, and could be accessed at home as well!

Storyline Online (children can listen to stories read to them)

“Who Let the Letters Out” (Use this video to review letter sounds!)

Jack Hartmann’s Count to 100/ Fitness Song

Count to 100 Number Chart … Interactive Number Chart (review counting and patterns)

Sight Word Dance Song

Seasons of the Year Song

Seven Days of the Week Song

Twelve Months of the Year Song

Morning Affirmations Video! (part of our regular morning meeting)

Learn to Read Online Stories

Number Formation Rhymes

Kindergarten E-Learning




Click on school 9

Click on kindergarten


Kindergarten E-learning


Daily Checklist:

  1. Practice my sight words for 10 minutes
  2. Read a Book
  3. Practice sounds out word list
  4. Go over calendar skills like days of the week, month, season, number recognition to 30 or more, counting to 100
  5. Adding and subtracting general AND then practice with fluency – this means quickly without the use of counters. There are some good websites that may help you with this skill (see website list)
  6. Complete an IXL kindergarten skill (15 mins EVERYDAY)
  7. Use your word list to write sentences. All sentences must have a capital letter, punctuation, and finger spaces.
  8. Handwriting – first and last names, capital and lowercase letters.
  9. Working on tying shoes
  10. Go on websites listed below





Dear Parents and Guardians,

Students on Monday, 3/9 were sent home with a survey question regarding home internet access. Please take the time to answer the question and send the completed questionnaire with your child back to school no later than Thursday, 3/12.  Completing this question is very important so please make this a priority. Thank you!!


Estimados padres y tutores,

 Los estudiantes el lunes 3/9 fueron enviados a casa con una pregunta de encuesta sobre el acceso a Internet en el hogar. Tómese el tiempo para responder la pregunta y envíe el cuestionario completo con su hijo a la escuela a más tardar el jueves 3/12. Completar esta pregunta es muy importante, así que haga de esto una prioridad. ¡¡Gracias!!

week of 3/2/2020

IXL: Must do 15 mins every night. This counts as a homework grade. If you need your password please email me.
ELA: Letter of the week: Kk, ck
Sight word of the week: She & was
We are working on addition.
Please practice counting to 100.
We learned how to count to 100 by 10s, please ask your child =]
St. Patrick's day: 
We will be having some St. Patrick's day's fun!! If you would like to donate any of the following please let me know:
*Boxes of Fruitloops (due by monday 3/9)
*healthy snacks for St. Patrick's day

week of 2/24

15-20 mins of IXL every night.

DATE CHANGE FOR 100th day FASHION SHOW to February 27th.
This project will count as a Math grade.
Please clean out your child's folder every night.
Letters of the weeK: Bb & Ll
Sight words of the week: Is & Little
Reading skill: Retelling key details in sequence
Add numbers to 10
DRESS DOWN DAY Friday, February 28, 2020.
$3.00 for students. All proceeds benefit the 6th-grade class.

Week of 2/17/2020

Our 100th day of school will be 2/26/2020, we will a few donations to help us celebrate being a 100 days smarter:
*boxes of fruit loop cereal
*tiny stickers (any design)
*bingo dappers 
*colored pencils
 Please email if you can donate anything to our celebration =]
ELA: Unit 5 test on Friday
Review week 
Math: Test: TOMORROW (2/19/20)
comparing objects in categories. 
Progress reports have been posted on OnCourse.

Valentines day party

First come basis :
Please email if you would like to donate any supplies to our class party on Friday (2/14/2020):
*valentines day plates
*Valentines day napkin
* chips
or any other snack =]
Thank you!
Ms. Fasolino's Kindergarten class =]

week of 2/10/2020

IXL: 15 mins every night

Letters of the week: Ff & Rr
Sight word of the week: He & with
Math we are working on classifying objects into categories.

This week web resource

2/14: Single Session Day for Students, 12:30 Dismissal. 
2/17: District Closed
2/20: 5th Annual Black History Celebration! 6PM - 8PM at Belleville High School (2/27: Snow Date)


week of 2/3/2020

ELA:letter sounds test on friday
Letter of the week: Ee
Sight word: are
We are learning all about Pronouns.
Math: Math test on Friday
Comparing numbers to 10
Looking ahead:
Friday, February 7 is dress down day $3.00
February 7th: Mr. Cupcake money is due.
February 9th: Candy Gram money is due.


Dear School 9 Parents and Guardians,
It is the goal of the School Nine administration and faculty to provide excellent service to our School Nine Community. Below you will find a link for a Google Survey. The survey is short and should only take you a few moments to complete and submit.  Surveys can be found in both English and Spanish. The data received from completed surveys will assist the school community to make changes if needed and continue to build on the things you are happiest with. Once again thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

The School Nine Team
Estimados padres y tutores de la escuela 9:
El objetivo de la administración y la facultad de School Nine es proporcionar un excelente servicio a nuestra comunidad de School Nine. A continuación encontrará un enlace para una encuesta de Google. La encuesta es breve y solo le tomará unos minutos completarla y enviarla. Las encuestas se pueden encontrar tanto en inglés como en español. Los datos recibidos de las encuestas completadas ayudarán a la comunidad escolar a realizar cambios si es necesario y continuar construyendo sobre las cosas con las que está más feliz. Una vez más, gracias por tomarse el tiempo para completar la encuesta.

El equipo de la escuela nueve

Week of 1/20/2020

Don't forget to do IXL for 15 mins everynight.
Review week: unit 4 test on friday (1/24/2020)
Math: numbers 0-20
Practice saying and writing numbers.

Week of 1/13/2020

IXL - MUST BE DONE FOR 15 MINUTES EVERY NIGHT (there will be no read log until further notice). Please find login and password in your child's folder. Every time you login I get a notification. 
Letter of the week: Dd
Sight words: Do, you, go, and
Letter sounds test on Friday.
Math: #11-20
Practice counting and writing numbers to 20.