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Behavior Expectations

*Behavior Expectations *

In our class, the focus is on positive reinforcement for good behavior and actions. As you may have already heard, we are doing an outstanding job expressing our feelings and becoming ‘Bucket-Fillers.’ Each student has the opportunity to earn tickets for following our class and school rules. These tickets are put into a team bucket. On Friday, the team with the most tickets earns a prize. The idea is that we must each work together to succeed. When we do not make good choices they affect others around us. Also, every Friday an overall "Shining Star" is chosen. This person is viewed as a leader to the whole class. They are rewarded with an  trophy for the week.

In addition, I use a 5-tiered behavior chart system. Everyday each child begins on the Ready to Learn. Everyone has an opportunity to move up one level to FABULOUS DAY (a role model to others, an award will be sent home). If I have spoken to your child about a particular negative behavior, they are moved to THINK ABOUT IT (first warning, think about words and actions). If the behavior continues, they are moved to THINK ABOUT IT (write a reflection sheet to his/her parents indicating the behavior that must be signed by a parent and returned to school the next day). If a consistent or harmful behavior occurs, the child moves to PARENT CONTACT (I will contact the parent).




~ Remember ~

READ with your child EVERY night!

Those 15-30 minutes will make a world of a difference!