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* Asthma Inhalers   If your child requires a prescribed inhaler while in school, please contact me immediately, so that the proper forms can be completed by the parent and guardian.  


* 5th Grade State Required Immunizations  

New Jersey regulations for immunizations require every child born on or after January 1, 1997 and entering 6th Grade shall have received one dose of meningococcal-containing vaccine.  In addition, a DPT booster (Dtap) is required for children after the age of 10 and five years from their last dose.

Please contact your health provider and send proof of both immunizations to the school nurse, no later than the first day of school in September. 


* Common Cold or Seasonal Allergy?

The arrival of spring means warmer weather and inevitably seasonal allergies.  Typically, since colds and allergies share similar symptoms, it can be hard to spot the difference.  Allergies are caused by allergens and can last for several weeks.   Colds are caused by viruses and usually are time limited to approximately 10 days.


Allergies Only                            Both                       Common Cold Only

Watery, itchy eyes                  Runny nose              Fever

Itchy ears and throat              Stuffy nose               Chills

Wheezing                                 Sneezing                   Sore throat

Symptoms long lasting           Fatigue                     Body aches and pain

                                                   Coughing                  Symptoms last 1-2 weeks 


Contact your health provider for treatment if symptoms persist!

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