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Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship? It is teaching children how to use the internet and technology safely, responsibly and respectfully. We ALL play an important role in teaching our children to be good digital natives and to navigate safely and smartly at all times.

So what is YOUR role in this partnership? For starters, please talk to your child about what they are doing on the computer in school AND at home. While websites, games and social media sites can open up a wealth of information and opportunities, they can also present dangers.

-Make sure the home wireless network or any wireless network used is filtered. Use parental controls when necessary.
-Know all usernames and passwords to all school and personal accounts.

-Monitor your child's online activities - sit with your child one day when they are playing online games, especially those which enable outside players to interact with your child.

-Check their devices and accounts to help your child use technology appropriately, and don't be afraid to look at their smartphones or any other device that has a cellular data plan that can bypass filters.

-Talk with your child about the importance of not giving out private information to anyone online, the same way they would not give out personal information about themselves to a stranger they might meet on the street.

We invite you to share, with your child and with school, the wonderful resources you discover as well as the concerns you may have so that we may all work together to ensure we are raising good digital citizens.