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Just For Parents

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"-Roald Dahl

The following are tips that parents, grandparents and caregivers can encourage their children to develop a lifelong love of reading:
-Read to them!! Even older children enjoyed being read to. You can get creative with voices and gestures, or just read...your child just wants to hear your voice.

-Reading material comes in all shapes and sizes. If your child is reluctant to open a book, try a magazine, non-fiction website, comic book or graphic novel, instructions on a video game, or even a grocery list. The more they are exposed to words and language, the more comfortable they will be!

-Make reading fun!! Act out the story together, play word games to help with comprehension and ask questions as you go along.

-Model, model, model!! The best thing you can do as a parent is to model what reading looks like. Let him or her see you open a book, read a magazine or read from a kindle. Discuss books you have read and what you have learned. You child will likely want to follow suit. Make sure YOU see reading as a priority, and your child will too.