Belleville School #9

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Grade 1 Supply List 2017-2018 School Year

Supply List for Upcoming First Grade Students 2017-2018
Please make sure your child has all of the necessary supplies for first grade!
5$ is for a subscription to Scholastic News. It is a great tool for Non-Fiction reading, Science, Social Studies, and more.
Thank you!
First Grade Supply List
• 4 folders: one of each color blue, red, green, yellow
• Pencils (lots!)
• 2 glue sticks
• 1 bottle of liquid glue (Crayola does work the best)
• 4 one subject notebooks
• 2 boxes of tissues
• Scissor
• 1 cloth pencil case (no plastic boxes please)
• 2 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons
• Dry erase markers
• Dry erase eraser
• $5.00 for Scholastic News (one year subscription)
Please do NOT bring in:
1. Pencil boxes
2. Hand sanitizer (I have a bottle for the children to use)
3. Binders (they are too big for the children to carry and take up too much room in their desks)
4. Pencil sharpeners