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Ms. Antonella Fasolino » Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten


Sent home each night in your child’s daily folder and to be returned the next day. Please try to set a time and quiet work place aside each night where homework becomes part of a daily routine. To complete most homework you will need pencils and crayons.

- Please remind your child to write NEATLY in PENCIL.

- Please read all directions to your child. They should complete most work on their own with a little of your help. You should review the homework with your child and make corrections if needed.




* Check and empty every night then return to school each day!!* This is a consistent way for both the school and I to keep in contact with you. Please put any notes inside the folder also. 



* Sent home on Friday (after a test) to be signed and then returned on Monday.



At anytime, feel free to get in contact with me through email, a note with an appropriate time to call you or leave a message with the office 973-969-4337.


Star of the Week

One student will be chosen as our "Star" each week. On the Friday before their week begins, a note will go home asking for special information about your child. It is to be returned on Monday. S/he will have the opportunity to share their Star board throughout the week.



Please pack lunch and snack in different bags each day

* Healthy snack (daily) - Snacks should be healthy and NUT FREE (may include vegetables, fruit, pretzels, cheese, yogurt, water.)



*Birthday Celebrations - Please contact the school nurse to OK healthy snack.